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Salt Lick BBQ


The Salt Lick BBQ provides world-renowned barbecue with a side of Texas Hill Country hospitality. Founded by the Roberts family, recipes have roots back to the wagon trains in the mid-1800s. Visitors are able to enjoy the same warm atmosphere and delicious barbecue they savored around the campfire for generations, creating the family-friendly atmosphere The Salt Lick is known for.


Reestablish Salt Lick as the leader in the Texas BBQ conversation, drive BBQ tourism to Salt Lick and make Salt Lick stand out from its competitors.


TikTok Growth Strategy


What We Did

We achieved this goal by sharing a mix of user-generated content, trend-based videos and team-focused content. By posting three videos per week and through A/B testing, we found that posting the three videos back-to-back worked best for the profile; our overall engagement rate was 2.3%; by comparison, the average engagement rate per food & beverage industry video is 1.38% on TikTok. Additionally, we hosted eight video shoots and edited a total of 120 videos from the content captured.



The profile gained almost 35K new followers over 10 months, marking a 14.4% increase. Additionally, there was a 240% surge in engagements and a 470% rise in video views compared to the preceding 10-month period before partnering with Giant Noise.

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