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Seven years of digital storytelling

The fast-growing Giant Noise social media department helps brands develop and maintain unique and dynamic storytelling across multiple platforms, while growing their audience and effectively communicating with followers.

Since Giant Noise first launched the social media division in 2011, the department has grown to a team of six members located in Austin and San Antonio. We’ve worked with dozens of clients in a wide range of fields, including culinary, hospitality, technology, new products, entertainment, business, and more. Our team helps businesses build fans and expand their reach, better communicate with their communities and customers, fine-tune their message, and create engaging and original content.

We are rooted in the belief that success in social media takes time, consistency, and the right message. To us, social media is not just a tactic, but a powerful channel that gives life, personality, and authenticity to brands, while also playing a crucial role in customer service. We work closely with our clients, making them an important part of the process and ensuring we are projecting the most positive and engaging image of the brand. We have extensive experience in multiple social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.—and we take pride in our ability to efficiently grow and manage communities across each of them while staying on message.

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Julia Keim, Kirsten Kaiser, Jacqueline Fierro

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