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The new wave of BBQ

Texas-influenced Japanese izakaya in East Austin, the Tatsu-Ya team puts the 'fun' in funky at Kemuri both through the menu and the decor.

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, another project from the Ramen Tatsu-Ya team, offers ample comfort and adventure for guests seeking both. A reflection of owner and Chef Tatsu Aikawa’s Japanese background and central Texas upbringing, Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, inspired by the word “smoke” in Japanese, is a full service, full bar restaurant serving smoked meats, yakitori, ramen, and izakaya classics.

Giant Noise has worked with the Tatsu-Ya team to establish Kemuri as a top culinary destination in Austin through targeted pitches of the menu featuring the unique food concept and thoughtfully paired beverage offerings to position the Tatsu-Ya team as industry leaders and trailblazers in the field.

By highlighting the Tatsu-Ya team and pitching profile pieces on their past and culinary expertise, we helped make Kemuri Tatsu-Ya one of the most anticipated openings in Austin in 2017 and an experience not to be missed when visiting Austin. Since opening, Kemuri Tatsu-Ya has been featured in top national travel and culinary publications such as Eater, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Mashed, GQ, Vice, and more. Hungry yet? Check out the highlights below… 

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